original songs

  • You can perform a song composed by yourself, or by a friend or family member, if the song hasn’t been recorded and released yet. Likewise, a family member or friend could perform a song you composed.

  • Submissions will be placed in the age group of the composer.

  • If the composer and performer are 2 different people, prizes will not be doubled, so it would be shared between them.

  • The selection committee will select Original Music finalists based on lyric composition & vocal performance, as well as music composition & peformance (unless the submission is acapella).

  • When submitting your video, we love hearing the story of how this song came to be, hidden meanings, things like that.

"ʻAlo Kēhau o ka ʻĀina Mauna" Perfomed by Kekapalehua Castro (Grade 6) & Composed by brother Kaweloanu Castro (Grade 8), 2021 Grand Prize Winners for the Original Song Category, Mana Mele Division.